What can I say...my first. 

Yamaha 100 Trailmaster, 1967


 This is the same type of Bike that I bought from Ira Dahm, only mine was yellow. 

Kawi 71


 That's me chanting to the sun god (actually pushing my hair back)and Bill Koppler playing god. Kurt Moseley clicked the camera. That's his MG in the back ground. Note the plastic pot plant next to my front wheel. This was shot on Serena St. in Linda Mar.  Man, I miss those pants!! 

Yamaha 180


 As with of all of my bikes, this one was especially fast. Note the custom made chrome twin expansion chambers. I beat most of the big 350 Hondas of the

Yamaha 500 Mack III


It would turn 12.5 seconds out of the box. Never got any tickets on this one, they couldn't catch me. The front end wouldn't stay down. The older I get, the faster I was.

YAMAHA 100 Trailmaster


 My tour bike. Gary Kellogg and I did an epic journey into WA state loaded down with back packs to climb in the Olympics. This bike was horribly slow but always reliable. 

1984 Honda V30 Magna


I loved this bike, and it was fast.  Had the smoothest gear box I'd ever felt. V4, an expensive way to build a motor. Man, wish I still had this one. 



  This bike can out handle most any bike on the rode. It has gear driven cams, 41 mm forks with big springs, carbs are jetted and breath completly freely, open pipes, redlines at 13'500 rpm, wide sticky tires, radar detecter, stops and turns on a dime and is my favorite color.     

Honda 599 a.k.a. Hornet


 CBR F3 600cc engine, had this baby for almost a decade.  Still see this bike around town, as I sold it to a local. 

Kawasaki Z400


My current bike, more in keeping with my senior years.  Lightweight, not as much horsepower, but still fast! 

Road Trip

Mike and Paul Sanderson



Mountain Name, Altitude & Times Summited:

 Mt Shasta 14,162'    2 of 3
Mt Lassen 10,462'    3
Mt Hood 11,245'  1 of 2
Pyramid Peak 9,983'  4
Eagle Buttress 8640'
Jacks Peak 9856'
Dicks Peak 9974'
Mt Tallac 9735'     3
Mt Hawkins 10,024'
Mt Sill 14,154'
North Palisade 14,248'
Mt Gayley 13,510
Mt Ritter 13,143'   1 of 2
Mt Dade 13,600'
Bear Creek Spire 13,734'
Mt Hoffman 10,850; 3
Thompson Peak - 9,003
Cathedral Peak 10,911
Mt Dana 13,053
Kuna Peak 13,002'
Koip Peak 12,962'
Mt Whitney 14,505'
Kaiser Peak 10,320'
Huayna Potosi 20,000'
Cerro Jankho Huyo 18,079'+
Pequeno Alpamayo 17,618'
Unnamed Peak, Bolivia  16,000'+
Mt Carrie (WA) 6995'
Telescope Peak 11,043'
Whorl Mountain  12,033'  1 of 2
Matterhorn Peak - 12,279'
North Peak Yosemite - 12, 247'