Photo Credits

Photography for publications, print ads, websites, company brochures, etc.


San Francisco Chronicle: "Active Half Moon Bay Photog Seeks Frame and Fortune "
HMB Review: "Wongs Photos Scale the Peaks" - March 22, 2000 
HMB Review:  Art Show w/ Mike & Deb Wong - 2003  Love on the Coast: HMB Magazine, February 14, 2015
  HMB Review: Love Dog's Obituary, Sept 23, 1982   Catching Up With a Coastsider  - Coast Views Magazine, March 2013   
Coastside Guide 2017 - (Cover Photo by Deb Wong)
Cameron's Inn (Author portrait, back cover)
Coastal Canine (photos by Mike Wong)
Patch: Coastside Has Gone to the Dogs (Deb Wong, Photo Credit)
Barbara's Fish Trap
 Allyson's Beau (Author portrait, back cover)
Byline, by Michaele Benedict (Promo Photo)
A New Wrinkle: What I Learned from Older People Who Never Acted Their Age (back cover)
Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce
Coastside Land Trust
Coast Views Magazine
West Coast Yellow Pages
Captain Jimmie's Wahoo Bombs
Pens by Lanier
Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
Moonside Bakery
Toque Blanche
Sally LoPrete Real Estate
Lorelei's Wedding Flower Arrangements
Real Estate Ron Denman
Cetrella's Restaurant
Via Uno Restaurant
Bybee Technologies
Nurserymen's Exchange 

Coldwell Banker, Half Moon Bay, CA.
Rocket Farms
Signature Flight Support
Sam's Chowder House
Osteria Coppa
Half Moon Bay Police Department
Borsini Burr Gallery
Sense of Peace
Turner Real Estate
Bay Flowers
Judy Johnson Williams
Prudential California Realty
Mariner's Church
Shoreline Shoe Repair
Coastside Carpet Cleaners
San Carlos Service
Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community
High Country Lodge
 Sandpiper Ceremonies
Moss Beach Distillery
Millrose Inn
Hastings House
San Benito House
Picasso Painting
Table Mountain Aviation
Princeton-by-the-Sea, by June Morrall
Half Moon Bay's Turning Points, by David B Cresson
Eric Shapira Watercolors
HMB Art and Pumpkin Logo Contest (website)
M Magazine, Bay Area, Osteria Coppa Photos    
Moss Beach, by June Morrall
Sam's Castle, by Bridget Oates
Ponder Financial
Coast Views Magazine (Mike & Deb; numerous issues).
Winners in the 2010 AMERICAN ART AWARDS in 3 categories
Winner Best Photo in Show 2010 - CAL (Deb)
Coastal Arts League Best Photo in Show 2008 (Mike) 

The Life and Times of Ty Cobb, by Norm Coleman (back cover portrait)