By Deb W

 NOTE: WE NO LONGER MAKE PRINTS.  However, we will prepare the files for printing, so that you can bring the files to bring to Costco or other print services.

  • Photo Restorations:  If you have a photo that is scratched or worn, has cracks, pits and  other flaws, we can scan your photo, restore the image as much as possible, then give you the file(s) via email, Dropbox, USB flash drive or CD-Rom.  
  • Color to B&W -Photos can go from color to B&W or sepia/antique tone. 
  • Cosmetic touch-ups  on portraits: Taking out unwanted  facial blemishes, whitening teeth, thin face or body, etc.    
  • Change of Background  
  • Removing, changing, or adding elements or people
  • Archive Your Photos:  We scan and  digitize your photos, slides and negatives, then give you a flash drive or CD-Rom with the digitized files for print  and other uses.



PRICE LIST (subject to change)


1-25 = $5. per image

 26-50   = $4. per image 

51 & over = $3. per image

NOTE: We photograph large pieces of artwork and photos 

measuring over 9x12". Prices will vary for 

photographed archiving, starting at $25. each 


Light restoration = $25. per image

Medium restoration= $60. per image

Heavy restorations require individual estimates, 

depending upon the damage of the photo.


We offer photos for sale on a wide variety of subjects. 

Browse our gallery, and you will find images of local 

scenes, landscapes, animals, and other subjects.