Wedding Photography on the Half Moon Bay Coastside


Michael A Wong feels strongly that his job is to translate the emotions and love expressed during your wedding into images that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

With his spiritual and intuitive instincts, along with mastery of his Canon camera, Michael draws his inspiration from the essence of his subjects.   

From working with hundreds of wedding clients over the years, Michael's style has evolved and flourished. His photography technique ranges from classic to photo-journalistic.

He strongly emphasizes family combinations, wedding party and wedding couple portraits.  Michael is an excellent director / orchestrator,  who truly enjoys shooting weddings, and is very comfortable with large groups and small intimate gatherings.

Michael finds great joy in nature and outdoor settings, and therein lies the magic media for his exquisite images: LIGHT.     As he always says: ”You can't beat nature's beauty." However, he is just as creative with interior locations - in a church, or other architectural scenes.    

What You Get

In addition to Michael's skill and creativity, you will receive digital files of your photos on your choice of disc or flash drive.  You will also own all rights your photos.  For an additional charge, you may order prints from us.  

You can view samples of Michael's wedding photography in the slideshow below, or check out our Facebook page.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call: 650-726-3025




This is just a small sampling of the  letters and notes of appreciation for Michael A Wong Wedding Photography's services through the years.  

Dear Michael,

I wanted to thank you for helping to make Kristina and Geln's wedding a beautiful one. The setting, at the lighthouse, couldn't have been prettier, as is evidenced in your photos. Your photographs are beautiful, and will provide us with wonderful memories.  Thank you very much!  Sincerely, Eloise Lovlace (Kristina's mother)

Dear Michael Wong,

Martin and I wish to thank you sincerely for the outstanding job you've done, your generosity & your professionalism. Our families and friends had nothing but praise for your work.  These precious moments of our lives, captured through your lens, will be cherished for many years to come.  Thank you for taking a part of the celebration of our marriage. Please accept our compliments. We are enclosing a CD as a souvenir. We hope that you'll enjoy it. Just as photos can serve as a walk through Memory lane, we hope that the music we've selected will do the same. Many Blessings, Sincerely, Minh-Chan & Martin

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so so much for the  gorgeous photos from our Half Moon Bay Wedding you took last Friday.. they are  utterly amazing. So elegant, sophisticated, modern, and fun. You truly depicted  the love we felt that day. Our wedding day is described as "absolute perfection"  between me and my new husband. We can't say it enough!

Also, the 4-day  turnaround and hand-delivery to our home mailbox was the "cherry on top" to  making sure we received our beautiful photos. By including ALL of our pictures,  instead of the stated 72 digital photos we were promised in our agreement, you  truly went above and beyond when it comes to true customer service and great  business.Again, thank you so much and we really appreciate all that you  did for our special day! We are so glad you were the one to take our photos. We  will definitely recommend you for our friends and family!! :)Kind  Regards, Danielle and Kevin Campbell

Dear Michael,  Myself and Joseph wanted to thank you (and your wife) for  the wonderful photos! Amazing! We really appreciate your work ( as well as  getting them to us so quickly!) and your patience with me ;) we now how  wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Thank you! Sincerely, The Taylors :)

Hi Michael, Thank you very much for being a part of our special day at  Hastings House and taking photos of us and our family and friends. I had already  assigned a friend to follow you around with an umbrella to keep your equipment  dry in case of rain but thankfully we were fortunate enough to not have to worry  about that. We truly appreciate everything you,Terry, Linda, Richard did for us  on our wedding day. Cindee and Jared Barnes

Dear Michael Wong,  

Martin and I wish to thank you sincerely for the outstanding job you've done,  your generosity & your professionalism. Our families and friends had nothing  but praise for your work. These precious moments of our lives, captured through  your lense, will be cherished for many years to come. Thank you for taking part  in the celebration of our marriage. Please accept our compliments. We are  enclosing a CD as a souvenir. We hope you'll enjoy it. Just as photos can serve  as a walk through Memory Lane, we hope that the music we've selected will do the  same. Many Blessings, Sincerely, Minh-Chan & Martin.

Hi Mike! You photographed our wedding on July 3rd on Montara Beach and we  just wanted to write you and say thanks. The photos are beautiful and you  captured everything better than we could have imagined. Thank you for everything,  Alicia and Kyle Sensibaugh 

Thanks for capturing my only child's wedding. Every picture makes you feel  that happiness. You're terrific!  Friends Forever,
Anna B. Esperson

Mike & Deb,
We received the 8x10 photos today.  Thank you, they're  wonderful!  We are very glad we had you photograph our wedding, everyone  has commented on how beautiful the pictures are.  We're finally getting  back with you, regarding our choices for the 2 - 8x10 photos we've chosen.   Believe us, it was a difficult choice, due to all of the wonderful shots you  captured!!  We are so pleased with our CD and the 50 5x7's, THANK YOU so  much!!  Best Regards,  Jim & Kathi Gardner

 Hi Michael,
Aaron and I just wanted to thank you again for helping make our wedding one  of many special days for us! :) We got our pics and dvd Thank you very much they  came out better then when could have hoped. YOU ROCK!
Aaron and Debbie Dienstfrey
oh and thanks again for sticking around, we know you didn't have to do  that, so many thanks!!!!

 Hi Michael,
We just wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job, a really classy  style.. We really lucked out in finding you.The pictures are absolutely  beautiful. We will be making more photos for ourselves and our family.   Thank you & have a great day.
Carla & Clifton

To Deb & Mike,
There are no WORDS to express how wonderful everything is that you did for  us, including wedding photos & videos.
Lois & Ben Williams- Hagler

Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for taking all the precious pictures for us on our  wedding day.  They turned out real nice, and wll give us lasting memories  of the occasion.  Hope we'll have other occasions to engage your  professional services again. Wishing you health & good business throughout  the year.
Loretta & Paul

Thanks again for the outstanding pictures.  Your love for your craft  is evident in your photographs.
Nicole Brown

I've been meaning to contact you about how much we love our wedding  pictures. They are amazing! Four months later, friends and family are still  talking about them.
Many thanks,
Amber & Dean White

Dear Michael,
Thanks so much for photographing our wedding. You captured the beauty of  the day with both candid and posed shots.  The pictures allow us to share  the day with others and will help us conjure up memories of the day for many,  many years!
We appreciate your creativity, and too, the ease of working with you.
Thanks for contributing to the specialness of our day. - April & Joe  Ramos

Dear Mike,
Just want to let you know how much we love the pictures! And we enjoyed  working with you, too. It was a magical wedding day, and you captured that for  us. If we are asked for a photographer referral, we'll recommend ya.
Take care,
Cheryl &  Norm Palmer-Olsen

Craig and I just wanted to thank you once again for the awesome work you  did for us! Your photos totally capture what an amazing day we had. You were  great to work with, and the photos are amazing!
Thank you - Craig & Carrie Parker

Dear Mike,
The photos arrived yesterday and we're just LOVING them!  We've
shared them with my parents and with Katie and Joe, who are probably
right now sharing them with Joe's parents and grandparents in Tahoe.
You did a spectacular job! Everyone is just amazed with the way you
managed to move all over the place to capture such great shots. You
put everyone at ease, proven by all the smiles and natural emotions.
It was a joy to have you there sharing such a personal event with
our families. Thank you so much for all you did to make the wedding
and reception truly special.
With Gratitude,
A McKeever
Dear Deb & Michael,
Louis & I reach to you once again with our deepest thanks for the  phenomenal artistry you have produced in the form of our Wedding Day  photographs. Each one is a story in itself!  You managed to capture the  Spirit of the Day in so many unique guises. We remain thrilled and will soon  have your work displayed in our home.  Each square a splice of that  Heavenly Day!
Your new friends,
Trude & Louis Holmes

Dear Michael & Deborah,
We can not thank you enough for the wonderful pictures! From the moment  that you arrived at our wedding we felt that you were a part of our  family.  You are a true artist!
Many Thanks!!!
Terry & Lisa Holgate

Dear Mike & Deb
We are very happy that you were a part of our special day - the pictures  you took are great! We look at them often.  We hope you had a great  Thanksgiving.  - Thanks so much, Blaine & Sally